Our Story

We stay true to the Italian philosophy of using the best of what is available from the earth. We are a new farm-to table catering venture based on the Eastside of Seattle, Washington. A tremendous amount of thought has gone into the sourcing of each ingredient, to benefit the local community, economy, and environment.

The mission is to provide fine-dining, restaurant quality food, and service in a banquet setting. Inspired by the cuisine of the regions of Italy, we use the finest peak-season, Pacific Northwest ingredients. 


We refuse to serve anything that we wouldn’t serve to our own families. Countless hours have been spent discovering local farms and producers, to procure the finest, freshest, peak-season, quality ingredients, at the best value to our guests. We use only organic and GMO-free ingredients, which are locally sourced as much as possible.


Our staff has gained tremendous culinary knowledge in some of the most elite restaurants and hotels in the country. We combine our expertise with our love for taking care of people and bring you the best in customer service.


People Over Profit: It is our endeavor to truly get to know you and your family or business. We are eager to learn and help with the vision for your event and build quality relationships in the process. We are committed to working tirelessly to exceed your expectations in every area.

Slow Food Movement: We are inspired by the “Slow Food Movement”, which started in Torino, Italy. The meaning of Slow Food is that it encourages taking the time to prepare meals from scratch and share them with family and friends. It was started as an alternative to fast food and, as such, strives to preserve traditional and regional cuisine, advocating for the farming of plants, seeds, and livestock characteristic of local ecosystems. We believe that dining together can comfort people and create community.


Della Terra is not only “from the earth”, but we strive to be “for the earth” as well. Our dedication to sourcing locally means that not only are the ingredients as fresh as possible, but they also have less impact on the environment than sourcing from elsewhere.


Cody Castiglia

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